Insurance Replacements


If you haven’t appraised your valuables in the last 5 years, your insurance won’t pay their full value. Jewelry By Design is one of only 3 stores in the Washington, D.C area that has 3 AGS certified appraisers. We will give you a fair, unbiased report of exactly what you have. With our appraisals you will be able to insure your valuables against theft, loss or damage and you will know precisely how much insurance you will need.

In our insurance appraisals, all items are thoroughly described and photographed to accurately document your valuables. We make sure that our appraisals meet and exceed insurance company standards and expectations. Our computer-generated reports can be provided in duplicate copies, so you can have one for your records as well as a copy for your insurance representative. 


 Certified Appraisers

We have three American Gem Society Certified Gemologist Appraisers on staff with the highest appraiser qualifications:

  • Certified Gemologist Appraisers (American Gem Society)
  • Graduate Gemologists (Gemological Institute of America)
  • Fully equipped American Gem Society lab


Additional Services Offered

  • Consignment of higher value items
  • Conslutation of newly purchased items, to confirm quality and value
  • Conslutation on how to profitably resell personal items
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Estate buying of jewelry, watches, silver flatware, and coins (May also buy valuable collectibles and high-end designer purses.) 

Appraisal Information

For more information or specific questions about the items you would like appraised, please fill out the form so our expert consultant can review your needs in advance before contacting you.